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The complainant has requested various information from Ealing Council regarding an application and a hearing for a Sexual Entertainment Venue (SEV) licence and Ealing Council’s subsequent decision to rehear it at a later date. Ealing Council applied sections 40(2) (personal information) and 42(1) (legal professional privilege) of the FOIA to entirety of the information. The…

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The complainant has requested information relating to the death of Sandra Rivett and the subsequent disappearance of Lord Lucan from the Metropolitan Police Service (the “MPS”). The MPS confirmed that it holds information but found it to be exempt from disclosure under sections 30(1)(investigations and proceedings) and 40(2)(personal information) of the FOIA. The Commissioner’s decision…

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The complainant requested information from Suffolk Constabulary relating to suspects who have been wanted by Suffolk Constabulary for the longest period of time and the number of outstanding arrest warrants. Suffolk Constabulary confirmed it held some of the requested information. It provided some information within the scope of the request but refused to provide the…

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