The complainant requested detailed accounting information from the Inspiration Trust, Norwich (“the Trust”) about the Cromer Academy in Cromer, Norfolk (“the school”). The Trust originally withheld the information which it considered fell within the scope of the request under section 43(2) of the FOIA – prejudicial to commercial interests. During the course of the Commissioner’s initial investigation, it withdrew its application of section 43(2) and provided the information to the complainant. The complainant subsequently queried the Trust’s interpretation of the scope of his request. The Commissioner therefore addressed whether there was more than one objective reading of the request. The Commissioner’s decision is that there was more than one objective reading of the request and that the Trust therefore breached its duty under section 16 of the FOIA to return to the complainant under section 1(3) to seek clarification of the request. In the circumstances of this case, the Commissioner does not require the Trust to take any steps.

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